The Bad Effects of Porn on Marriage Life

Watching porn has great impact on the psychological aspects of the viewers. Men are the most vulnerable to these effects especially when they want their wives to act like the free porn videos they watch. Of course, porn actors will have perfect bodies and pleasurable encounters. While soft porn improves the sexual life of partners, hardcore types reduce the pleasure that should come with real sexual experiences. The exaggeration of the actors will definitely create a wrong impression of what to expect from the marriage.

Most of the hardcore porn videos exclude important aspects that come with marriage life. For instance, 25-year-old Priya Rai says her husband no longer engages in foreplays and gets rough to some extent. In addition, most women complain of comparisons with the pornstars, which affect them negatively. Intimacy plays an important role in sexual enjoyment, and it misses in hardcore porn. For every man, it would be of help if you avoided these types of porn so that you can understand the real side of your man. Invest on what both of you could do to improve the sexual encounters.

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Average Pornstars Make $25,000 to $120,000 A Year

Porn industry like most other carrier is a billion dollar industry with over 25, 000 people watching a porn movie on the internet every second. But what exactly does porn stars earns? Various factors affect the amount of money that a porn star earns. Some popular porn stars are offered a huge amount of money to appear in a porn video. For instance, Debbie Wasserman Shultz was offered $50,000 to appear in a porn video. However, such offers are rear in the porn industry.

Research reveals that various factors such as the type of scene being produced, producers budget, sexual acts, model’s location, and how content will be released affect the amount of money that a porn star can be offered. Nude-only solo earns an average of $340 while open leg solo earns an average of $410 and explicit single earns around $476. Insertion solo is paid an average of $612 while girl-girl and girl-boy make an average of $1,020.

Furthermore, the research shows that women make more in the industry as compared to men. For instance, a female performer in a man/woman scene earns between $500 and $1500 while men performer earns between $300 and $1200. Female performer in all-women scene earns between $700 and $1,200. In average, male porn star makes about $30,000 a year whereas an average female earns about $50,000 a year.

Female porn stars also have additional ways of earning income through their carrier such as dancing at a strip clubs, where they can earn as high as $2,000 per night. Porn stars can also earn a good fortune through promotional works and product endorsements. Research shows that film stars can earn over $10,000 on promotional works alone. Some of other common satellite activities that can earn porn stars a lot of money include conventions, product testimonial, custom scenes, and own brand product, among other activities. Some research also estimates that porn stars in other areas such as Hollywood earn as high as $120,000 per year.